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    Gansu yuan can new materials technology co., LTD. With new wall materials、Thermal insulation decoration system and form a complete set of mechanical equipment as the core technology,Is a research and development、Production、Sales and installation for the integration of modern high-tech enterprises。Is local standard participated units in gansu province。

    Company production base is located in lanzhou city yuzhong county township even tower tower village,The factory covers an area of20m,The construction area4000Square meters。Built with lightweight energy-saving composite wallboard30Million square meters、Inorganic heat preservation(Decoration)Composite panels100Thousands of square meters of automatic production line,Production of energy-saving light composite wallboard、Enhanced surface rock wool(Glass wool)Composite panels、Ceramic chip heat preservation decoration plate、Metal decorative inorganic insulation board and so on four big series products。

    Company products are widely used in building internal and external wall and exterior insulation system、Architectural aluminum curtain wall system and roof insulation system, etc。

    Companies adhering to the“Create a wall energy-saving new era、The pursuit of low carbon economic efficient”The idea of,

In order to“Advanced production technology、The excellent mechanical and electrical equipment、The scientific management mode”The whole heart of commitment to national environmental protection career。


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Contacts:Ren Lin

A mobile phone:13893198189、13669314418

Contact the hotline:13893228335、18227666657



The company address:Lanzhou chengguan farmers lane215Number(On the second floor of the building)

Production base:Lanzhou city yuzhong county tower rural village of the tower

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